Ok so here we are. The site has just had a fresh lick of paint and there is plenty of content on the way over the next couple of months. Can we just pause for a second and appreciate that Halloween is only a few weeks away now! With all of that being said and how incredibly busy we are set to get, I thought it would be a great idea to add a blog to the mix. By I, I mean me (Liam), I founded SuperfreakMedia back in 2009 and have been creating short films, promos and music videos under the SuperfreakMedia banner ever since. However cliche it is we are an ‘Award Winning’ production company (in the sense we’ve won awards – so very literally), we’ve had our work shown all around the world, on the BBC & Scuzz TV and to top it all off have premiered a film in America at the famous TCL Chinese Theatre in LA. We’ve been so lucky so far with the projects we have been able to get involved with and are so grateful for how our work has been recieved so far. We can only hope for more of the same as we continue on with our journey. We have a particular passion for strong genre pieces, we regularly delve into the world of Horror and Sci Fi and love paying homage to classic cinema staples in the work we create. So now that we’ve got the history lesson out of the way, we can now begin the obligatory ‘introductory blog post.’

So I guess first off, why are we starting the blog? I have attempted to do a blog of sorts so many times in the past but for some reason all the pieces of the puzzle just haven’t slotted together. I would like to point out it’s currently 12:30 in the morning as I write this, so please let this be a sign of my dedication to ensuring I and some of the other guys BTS keep this part of the site up to date. Back to the mission statement (really got to work on staying on track) I want to start the blog as a way of keeping a log of our projects, keep you guys in the know with how everything operates behind the scenes but also use it as a way to monitor the progress of SuperfreakMedia as a whole. On a more personal note I want to push myself as hard as I can from each project as a filmmaker. A blog seemed like a nice way to keep tabs on it all whilst perhaps offering some advice for other filmmakers out there.

Blogging is another great way to communicate with fellow creatives. A few friends of mine have film related blogs that they curate, and I have found myself inspired to do something similar. Expect plenty of posts on here, ranging from classic films we love to those we make, photoshoots to music video projects and our experiences whilst trying to get our work out there. The main point is to document the work we do but in an interesting way. Let’s face it no one wants to read anything boring. So we will give it a shot, fingers crossed it works out and everyone loves it!

Now to ensure this post wasn’t a total waste of time, I thought I’d introduce you to our digs. SuperfreakMedia is a small production company, we strive for professional standards in all that we create but we are still a fairly new establishment with plenty left to learn. If there is one thing that I want this blog to be free of it is bullshit. I am tired of seeing other creatives out there putting each other down, pretending to be better than they are to boost their own ego. We all have a lot to learn in this game, and by that I mean a lot to learn from each other (again maybe going a little off track again). My point is we don’t yet have a fancy office or studio space, we have a small study, packed full of film memorabilia, posters, vhs tapes and action figures.

Taking up two desks we have two computers that we complete the bulk of our work on. We currently use a HP Pavillion PC for the bulk of our graphic design and motion graphics work, the main chunk of our editing and work in general is completed on our iMac. The more we do the more likely we will be to expand the set up and look into investing into some more equipment.

I myself complete the majority of the post work on our films, as well as all of our marketing + promotion. It’s a lot of work to pull off from film to film but I love it and the office is a place I truly enjoy spending time in. So take a look around, stay a while…not too long of course, there’s plenty to be done!

Until next time….





FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/superfreakmedia

TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/superfreakmedia

INSTA: @superfreakmedia



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