Where is the year going? I can’t believe that as of posting this today we officially have just one month to go til Christmas! We’ve had such a blast this year so far and can reveal we’ve got one more special surprise on the way! This coming weekend (Nov 26th-27th) we will be shooting our latest short just in time for the big day. HIDE + SEEK will be our final creepy offering of the year and we can’t wait to unleash it. More details will follow in a future blog but expect the short online DECEMBER 11th, 6PM. GMT.

For now however to keep you entertained and to terrify you before the big man himself comes down your chimney, check out our terrifying line up below. These are our TOP FIVE short, festive horror films to watch in December. Check them out if you dare!


#5 – SEASON’S GREETINGS (Dir. Liam Banks)

Ok, so just like our Halloween Short Selection, SEASON’S GREETINGS is a short we are proud to call our own. Released last December this short marked our new found tradition of creeping you out just in time for Christmas. I honestly think this film still possesses one of the scariest moments we have had in one of our shorts. So check it out and remember, whether you’ve been naughty or nice ‘he’ is always watching! Fancy giving us something special this Christmas?


#4 – A CHRISTMAS TREAT (Dir. Tim Sullivan)

This incredible short was actually made in 1985 and more recently uploaded onto YouTube. Out of all the shorts in the list this is our most recent discovery whilst trawling the web for all things Creepy at Christmas. This short will not disappoint and packs an incredible twist plus an excellent soundtrack. Filled with nostalgia it’s great to see that fellow filmmakers were just as twisted as us, even back then. Being just 21 years of age when he directed this delight, Sullivan went on to direct ‘2001 MANIACS’ starring Robert Englund and Lin Shaye. Following this he was a celebrity director on VH1’s ‘SCREAM QUEENS’ Reality Tv Show (a personal favourite of ours). Sullivan has well and truly made a name for himself in the world of horror and continues to work in the genre. Aptly named ‘A Christmas Treat’ this short sure is a treat for horror fans. Check it out!


#3 – DEATHLY PRESENTS (Dir. Ben Franklin & Anthony Melton)

So just like our very own ‘SEASON’S GREETINGS’ this short was only uploaded last year. Being a huge fan of the Bloody Cuts Crew and all that they do for the UK Horror Scene it’s an absolute pleasure to include another one of their gems on the blog. When a family sit down together the night before Christmas an unexpected delivery is made and chaos ensues. This is a short that’s nice and snappy and has some fantastic Creature FX in it. Short’s like this are what we love to watch, we have everything crossed for another festive offering from these guys this year.Check out more from the BLOODY CUTS CREW


#2 – ALMA (Dir. Rodrigo Blaas)

Now it’s time for the first animated short on the blog and what a cracker it is (see what I did there – I’ll see myself out…). This short is one I can remember watching when I was a lot younger and being absolutely terrified. The concept of this short is absolutely killer. I don’t want to give too much away but just cross Pixar with the Goosebumps series and you have this sinister tale. I absolutely love this short and it was great to revisit creating this list. I really hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did the first time.


#1 – TREEVENGE (Dir. Jason Eisener)

So we are, we’ve made it to number one. If you’re still with us you’ve survived a whole host of festive treats. I had to save the wackiest and goriest of all the shorts on show for Number One. ‘TREEVENGE’ has become somewhat of a cult hit online and is a short I make sure I revisit every year. Plenty of shorts have flipped the Christmas Tree/Human relationship, but non have been as effective as this. Jason Eisener is one of my favourite directors so it’s incredibly inspiring to see that someone at such a successful level in the industry still has strong roots in the world of short film (I can’t deal with these puns!). I absolutely love everything about this short, it’s balls to the walls attitude (there is plenty of children dying in this short), the incredible use of Practical Effects and the whole nostalgic vibe this short channels is perfect.

So there we have it, there was my countdown of my TOP 5 HORROR SHORT FILMS online at the moment for your viewing pleasure as Christmas approaches. I hope you enjoyed them as much as us. Please keep checking back on the Blog to see a brand spanking new entry each Friday. If you’re feeling extra generous (it is Christmas after all) be sure to have your eyes on the channel December 11th, 6PM. GMT as HIDE + SEEK premieres online.

Thanks as always and until next time…



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