So it is an absolute pleasure to be writing this as SuperfreakMedia are fresh off a great victory this past weekend. If you follow us on another form of Social Media you will have probably seen us post about attending the Grindhouse Planet Film Festival. Well as you might have seen in a recent post (READ IT HERE) we entered the 48 Hour Film Contest, creating a Faux Grindhouse Trailer in just 2 days. Myself and the team wrangled every resource we had and a big shout out has to go to Tab’s Productions again for all their help hooking us up with plenty of retro garb. Anyway, back to the point – this last weekend as part of the festival, the films created for the contest were screened and the winning entry was announced. It brings me great pleasure to reveal that we won. Check out our winning entry below!


Now we didn’t just attend the festival to see how we had fared as part of the contest but also to see what other delights the festival had to offer alongside supporting another screening of ‘SANDMAN’. The event itself was in the infamous venue ‘THE SHED’ in Leicester. This was one of my first times coming to the city and the first time I had the chance to meet some other great filmmakers and artists I had been following for some time. Check out the Vlog below to see some of the highlights and how the team got on. Apologies there isn’t more footage of us inside the event, but of course you can’t film too much at a film festival while the films are being screened.


The festival started at midday with an exciting and varied block of short films and Faux Grindhouse trailers. There were some comedy gems in the mix, particularly the opening short ‘DEAD TOWN’. This section of the shorts on show also contained the short that bagged ‘BEST HORROR SHORT’ entitled ‘THE BIG DOG’. I believe this was the UK Premiere of the short and I am sure it will go on to do well at festivals in the future and it sure was effective at making me feel uncomfortable. Another short I really enjoyed in this section was ‘NO GUARANTEE’ – the short itself felt like a micro version of a Black Mirror episode, sporting a really neat concept. Again I am sure this short will go on to do well.

The festival sure moved fast and it was straight on to the first feature of the day. Admittedly as the first block of shorts was near to an hour in length, we were all feeling a little hungry so decided to head out into Leicester and get some food. We grabbed some lunch and headed back to the venue to check out the stalls that had been set up in the basement. Myself and Jonno were really excited to meet Thomas Hodge, creator of The Dude Designs. I’m a huge fan of his work and admire an artist that is still making beautiful pieces of work to promote movies in an age filled with generic, photoshop heavy posters. Me and Jonno had Hodges VHS Artwork book to hand and got that signed alongside a couple of prints we purchased. It was really cool to meet Thomas and talk a little about the films we loved. There were other stalls there filled with great pieces of art, T-Shirts, Blu Rays and Merchandise. A live band was just setting up downstairs ready to play for a small audience in the afternoon, but it was time for us to head back upstairs to the party and see what other Grindhouse Nuggets were on display.


Heading into the second batch of shorts, we all had much more of an idea of what to expect. I must say I think the quality of the shorts improved over the course of the day and this second section was probably my favourite. The Faux trailer for ‘YETI: A LOVE STORY’ really stuck with me and was beautifully bizarre. I will never look at a Yeti the same way again. Another Nottingham produced film was next, finally giving me a chance to see  ‘LAB RATS’ from Team Chameleon Films on the big screen. The trailer for ‘KICKIN’ JACK’ was definitely a highlight of the day for me, even featuring a cameo from Jean Claude Van Damn himself. This also won the award for ‘BEST TRAILER’ and I have to say it was well deserved.

Following the shorts then came a feature I was really looking forward to seeing. ‘THE BARN’ was a film I had been following on Social Media ever since I saw the killer artwork and trailer. Admittedly this was the only feature we caught all the way through and it was great, packing some really great moments. The villains of the piece are truly iconic, and I don’t doubt for a second the film will build itself a cult following in the years to come. Hallowed Jack was a personal favourite – c’mon any essence of anything Halloween related is a winner for me! Although a little lengthy in places it packed some brilliant kills and practical effects. It even had a great cameo from Linnea Quigley – you can’t get more Grindhouse than that.

Next up came the screenings of all the entries into the ’48 Hour Film Contest’ followed by the awards for all categories of the festival. We opened this section and I was so happy to hear the response the trailer got. The trailer was an absolute blast to make, but as a filmmaker the best reward is sitting in an audience and experiencing peoples’ reactions live. People laughed and seemed to really enjoy which is exactly what we wanted. I am so proud of the team and everyone involved. Already we’ve been asked when the full length film is coming, we shall just have to wait and see what’s on the cards. Another great entry that was screened was Jason Impney’s ‘SCISSOR KILLER’. I have been a fan of Impney for some time, his films are always perfectly gritty and visceral and I wasn’t disappointed with his short at all. ‘HALLOWEEN REUNION’ from festival creator Marc Hamill (not Luke Skywalker) was another personal favourite, containing ever classic 80’s horror trope. I’d love to see this trailer get turned into a fleshed out film. Another great hit with the audience came in the form of ‘FACEHEAD’ the concept was brilliantly bizarre and it made everyone in the audience laugh. It was an absolute honour to share the screen with some great shorts/trailers. I think everyone who entered should be proud of what they created in such a short space of time.

Following the screenings we anxiously awaited the result. It was such a pleasant surprise to get presented with the award, and more than anything it validated all of the hardwork I know that we’d all put into making the trailer. Not really expecting a win, there was of course no speech prepared, so thanks were said and it was revealed that I was in fact ‘Big DURK Wilson’ much to the delight of most of the audience. I really couldn’t be happier and prouder of the team and all that we’ve achieved this year. This win is one of a great many achievements this year and it just gets me excited thinking of where we are heading in the new year.


Again we’d been sat for some time and I think the trepidation of finding out the result of the contest had taken it’s toll so we decided to head out again while the next film screened to grab a bite to eat and prepare ourselves for the screening of ‘SANDMAN’ later on. Scouring Leicester for a Whetherspoons we finally found one and had a bit of time to chill. Fed and watered we headed back and caught the ending to ‘GOOD TIDINGS’. I don’t want to get into a full review as that wouldn’t be fair and not everything I saw had the context it needed, but I will say from what I saw, it looked great. It’s great to see the UK Indie scene encouraging projects like this.

Now came the final part of the night we had been waiting for the last block of short film screenings, which opened with our very own ‘SANDMAN’. This was only the third public outing of the short, so of course the nerves were still there but the response and reactions were fantastic. It was such an honour to be a part of the festival with a project that we’d had more than 48hours on. Following our short, a personal highlight of this block and indeed the festival came in the form of Mj Dixon’s ‘SLAYPRIL FOOL’S DAY TRAILER’. Having seen some of MJ’s work before and following his latest feature ‘SLASHERHOUSE II’ I knew I was in for a treat with this Faux Trailer. I have to say the puns were just genius, the acting was perfect and I definitely cannot wait for the sequel.

After the screening I was lucky enough to do a quick interview with Journalist, Steve Green about winning the ’48 Hour film Contest’ and what was next in the pipeline for SuperfreakMedia. When the interview is posted online I will be sure to post it for you all to see.

As we had a bit of a journey ahead of us back to Nottingham we decided to call it a night and say our goodbyes. I said it on the night but again a huge thank you to Marc Hamill and the other organisers of the Grindhouse Planet Film Fest. The Shed was the perfect venue and although this was the first year for the festival, I can’t wait to head back next year and know we will be sure to enter something again. The festival is already open for entries right HERE so take advantage of the early bird fees whilst you can, it’s sure to be another killer day full of fun this time next year. Overall it was a fantastic day and I am so proud of all that the team achieved back in October. I am incredibly lucky to have a great group of people around me to work with and create such crazy content. I am sure that this project will be one we revisit in the future. The trailer as you can see is now online and the response has been fantastic so far, so thank you. It really does mean the world and your feedback and constant support is what keeps us motivated to keep creating fresh content for you.

Thanks as always and until next time…



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