How bizarre that our 13th blog entry falls on Friday 13th. Spooky! Well continuing with the theme of all things creepy we thought it’d be a top idea to keep you updated on the ‘MR CREAK’ Feature Film we announced was in development almost a year ago!


As it’s Friday the 13th and we love you guys so much, we also thought we’d treat you to some goodies to wet your appetite. Take a peek at the NEW Teaser (above).

For those of you out there that might be hearing the words ‘MR CREAK’ for the first time, let’s change that! ‘MR CREAK’ was a short film we released in 2015, initially as a 1 minute cut as part of our ‘#1MINUTENIGHTMARE’ series. The shoot itself was incredible fun and credit goes to the wonderful Julia Damassa for bring the character of Penelope to life in such a magnificent way. That film really wouldn’t be anything without her input and gift for captivating an audience. I think to date ‘MR CREAK’ is one of the most beautiful shorts we have ever shot. DOP Jonathan Butler and assistant Kieran Simpson absolutely nailed the atmosphere we were after and this aesthetic and tone is one I hope to replicate and improve upon in the feature version. Stephanie Cole was one makeup duties and turned the wonderful Johann Chipol into the sinister Mr Creak. Knowing that the title character wouldn’t be that heavily featured we went for a more stripped back and grungey look for the character. With the feature I already have plenty of ideas of how I want Mr Creak to look as I am sure we will be seeing a whole lot more of him this time round.

Writing the initial script and seeing more potential in the story it was always our intention to release a lengthier cut of the short into festivals. Our main aspiration was to get our film accepted and shown as part of the ‘shorts’ programme at MAYHEM Film Festival that year. On a whim we decided to also submit the film to a competition being ran by the BBC for young emerging Horror Filmmakers. Having submitted a festival ready cut of the film I was delighted to get a phone call from Studio Lambert the production company behind the show. Finding out more about myself and how we created the film I was told to wait a few more weeks for the final confirmation of the shorts selected, but that it was looking promising and they loved ‘MR CREAK’. Sure enough I got an email confirming our film was in the top 30 shorts selected to be screened on TV and was in the running for the grand prize of £20,000 worth of funding and support to expand the project further. I had been present at a couple of the screenings the short had had prior to being on TV and the response had been great, people seemed genuinely scared in places which was great. Soon enough October came around and it was time for ‘THE FEAR’ to tear its way onto our TV’s. Opening the show we were the first short on the chopping block. Throughout the series the competition was tough and we were surrounded by fantastic shorts from other great competitors. Ultimately the series closed and we placed 5th Nationally, after the show we learned we had fended off competition from 850+ other entries so that alone was an incredible achievement. Our short had now been seen by 1000’s of people on TV and online. I think everyone involved then knew we had to see where else ‘MR CREAK’ could take us.

Last year (2016) saw ‘MR CREAK’ wrap up it’s festival run, having won and been nominated for a variety of awards around the world. The BBC owned the rights to the film online until May so we were not allowed to upload our own copy until then. Having done as much as we could festival wise I knew it was time to shift our focus to developing the feature. As with most of our content, once the festival run is over I will post a copy on our YouTube channel. Whilst writing began on the feature length script I noticed that the popularity of the short began to grow. ‘MR CREAK’ was proving to be one of our most popular videos gaining hundreds of views a day. Waking up one day in early October I was greeted with several messages from friends telling me they were sure a film I had made had just been featured on BUZZFEED. I couldn’t believe it, sure enough we were featured in an article listing 16 Terrifying Shorts to watch in Under 10 Minutes. The popularity only grew from there, we were getting over 10,000 hits a day and people seemed to love what they saw. As Halloween passed and the horror hounds retreated into the darkness things calmed down, but we could not believe how it had blown up. The film was translated and uploaded in Italian, Vietnamese and Korean. YouTubers were posting reactions to watching the short and we then made a list of 9 Terrifying Shorts to Watch on IGN. We were being recognized by sites and news providers I regularly checked each day, I couldn’t believe it! As it currently stands the short is well on it’s way to hitting the 200,000 views mark which never seemed like a remote possibility when I uploaded it. The support has been overwhelming and incredibly appreciated. We knew anyway that we needed to expand the ‘MR CREAK’ mythos and tell a much larger story. The love and support from horror fans out there has only made us work harder to ensure we deliver the goods.


Starting 2017 it is with a real hope that by 2018 the ‘MR CREAK’ Feature will be shot and on it’s way to being released. I think that honestly, when we announced the Feature Film we underestimated the time it would take and the amount of energy we’d need to invest. More than anything with all we’ve done so far our priority is to ensure that what we create is worthy of being made. 2016 was peppered with short film projects and commissions for SuperfreakMedia so it did really become a balancing act as bills needed to be paid and we wanted to keep uploading fresh content for you guys. I know now going into the New Year that our main focus will be getting ‘MR CREAK’ made.

I do want to take the time to apologise for the lack of legitimate updates on progress we’ve made with the film. Getting a feature off of the ground is not an easy feat. Myself and Jonathan have been writing the feature length script together and haven’t wanted to rush any aspect of it. With this being SuperfreakMedia’s first feature, everyone involved so far is keen for it to be done right. Currently we are on the third draft of the Feature Script, with each draft having gone through numerous revisions. For months Jonathan and myself have met up and crafted a story we really think you guys are going to enjoy. We have worked hard to ensure our characters are well fleshed out, intelligent and not cliché. From the outset we knew that a strong story needed to be at the core of the film and as we’ve continued on this writing journey all the pieces of the puzzle have finally started to come together and form something we are really proud of. Finishing off this latest draft the plan is to then organise a table reading with local actors to really get a sense of how the script is paced and sounds when brought to life. Turning a 5 page scripted short into an 80+ page feature is a big step and it is the first time either Jonathan or I have attempted to write anything of this length. I know for a fact that there is still plenty of progress to be made but I’m really pleased with where we are at and can’t wait to unleash our latest terrifying tale into the world.

Over the past few months I have had the chance to briefly chat with other Midlands based filmmakers who all have features under their belts. The need to be one step ahead of the game is undeniable. The biggest realization has been that the longer your film gets and the more money it needs, the more business like filmmaking becomes. Having self funded nearly everything you see on the SuperfreakMedia channel this will be a huge challenge for us but one we are excited to undertake. The next few months won’t be all fun and games, we will have to create budgets, try and negotiate deals with equipment hire companies and figure out the best way to be cost efficient without compromising on our vision. There are plenty of other filmmakers I know that have gone out there and self funded their own features. Knowing the potential of the Mr Creak story, I’m really keen for us to seek investment and create something that has a level of scope we just couldn’t achieve on our own. The ‘MR CREAK’ feature really offers the SuperfreakMedia team the chance to step up our game and really begin to compete and get noticed in this industry.


This year I’m making much more of a conscious effort to post regularly on all of our social media platforms and bring you guys along for the ride with us whenever we head to a festival, shoot a film or try something new. The journey behind our first feature should be no different which is where our latest web project comes into play. SuperfreakMedia presents ‘BEHIND THE SCREAMS’ a video diary-esque series detailing all of the stages of production behind the ‘MR CREAK’ feature. We plan to take you guys through all of the challenges, highs, lows and new experiences we encounter as we work hard to bring our titular character to life in his own movie. We are sure that out there, much like us, there are plenty of other filmmakers and production companies that are wanting to get their first feature made. We thought it might be a cool idea to document the way we approach getting our feature off the ground so you guys can see how it was done or even offer us some advice along the way. We are really excited to see where this journey takes us and we can’t wait to see what the New Year will bring. The ‘BEHIND THE SCREAMS’ series will start in the next couple of months so expect plenty more updates as we get the ball rolling with all things ‘MR CREAK’.

The support for ‘MR CREAK’ has blown our minds and it’s really been that love that’s motivated us to have the creepy man himself front and centre in our first feature. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the short that started it all now’s your chance, just take a look above if you dare! To stay up to date with any progress that we don’t post here on the blog feel free to give us a cheeky like or a follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr. Just search @mrcreakmovie and let the terror begin.

Thanks as always and until next time…



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